May 2010 Bing Challenge Update!

I’m almost to the end of my Bing Challenge for the month of May and I thought I’d throw in a little update.

So far things have been going very well, surprisingly well.  As I said my profession requires me to use Google exclusively but in my personal search life I have used almost 100% of the time.  The Bing Search still lacks a lot of relevance in their searches.  I think it’s getting better but I still WWGMGM (Wonder What Google Would Give Me).  Being in the Internet Marketing world I cannot go through my daily work and life wondering what results I might get from Google.  Bing is getting close, and I like their SERP layout.  For me it’s a matter of relevancy of the search results.

As far as other products I use quite often, I’m surprised at the how effective the Bing Maps product has become.  If you install the Silverlight plug-in then you can literally get lost in the Maps for hours.  But in practical usage when I’m looking for a spot to eat or a local business it seems to satisfy my needs and in some cases has better results than Google.  The Bing Maps product is something that I’ll use in my day to day life.

I’ll update my blog at the end of the month and give you my full review of my month using Bing.  Check back for the final update.

The May 2010 Bing Challenge

I made a decision, this morning, that I should try to use Bing Search for one month and determine whether or not it made my constant search for information any easier.  I must admit that I have grown very fond of Google and more often than not I find what I need within 1 – 2 searches.  I must confess that I work for a up and coming link building firm so the majority of my day is spent making searches in one form or another in Google.

My challenge will consist of personal searches made during my work day or when I’m at home.  Some of us HAVE to use Google for work.  I use Google Search, Adwords, and Analytics every single day.  I also use Gmail, but that doesn’t count!

So if I need to look up a restaurant menu, I’m searching Bing.  If I need to look up movie times, or happy hour at the local bar, I’m using Bing.  I would say that I’m not worried at all but I have to admit, it does scare me a little.  Will I be missing vital information only provided by Google?  Ahhhhhh!!!  I’ll keep my progress posted here on my blog.