Google Nexus One – Customer Support Issues

Apparently Google is supporting their Nexus One phone the same as they treat their Google Adwords customers, horribly.  It sounds like there are some issues between Google, T-Mobile, and HTC and no one really wants to take ownership as of yet.

It sounds like Nexus owners are having trouble keeping 3G connectivity, is if they bought the phone and are using it on AT&T’s network.  No seriously, customers on T-Mobile are not able to use the phone on the 3G network.  Google went out on a limb with their entry into the arena of retailing but they forgot to bring along the support component.  Customers going to the Google Support Forums were greeted with a note saying that all that Google will say on the subject is as follows: “We are investigating this issue and hope to have more information for you soon. We understand your concern and appreciate your patience.”

Sure sounds like the same old automated response customer support from their Adwords group.  You do realize where Google gets 95% of their income from right?  It’s an advertising platform called Adwords, provides the advertising around your search engine results.  Have you ever tried to advertise on the Adwords network?  It’s not hard at all and can provide decent results for advertisers given the sheer ability to reach millions of people a day.  Have you ever had an issue and had to contact their Adwords Support?  Good luck!!  Your only method of contact is email, that’s right, I said email.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask, to be able to speak to a live person – in this country, when I’m spending $3000 on an advertising campaign.  The same as it should be acceptable to speak with a live person when you have an issue with your phone.

Where has our decency in service gone?  Have we outsourced the values of decent service?

Here is an article about the Google/HTC/T-Mobile debacle: Support Problems Good Reason to Avoid Nexus One –