New SEO Tool:

If you consider yourself a Search Engine Optimizer or expert in the field of Internet Marketing, I hope you’ve heard of blekko by now. Blekko is a new search engine developed by Rich Skrenta and his team. Blekko utilizes slash tags in it’s searches to provide the user with a pre-screened result. This is done to help minimize the large amount of spam that clutters up search results on Google and Bing/Yahoo. At some point blekko expects to utilize the slash tags to target advertising to their users in order to make money.

In the past I’ve done a challenge to use Bing for all of my searches outside of work so I think I’ll do this for blekko too. My current position at work requires me to use Google so I’ll have to use it there but for all personal searches I’m going to use blekko for 30 days. I have noticed an increasingly amount of spam in Google search results. I’d like to see if using blekko most of the time provides better more focused results.

Ok, so that’s great, but how do I use blekko?

I thought you’d ask, so here is a short tutorial on how to get started using blekko:

Here is a listing of all of the current blekko slashtags:  Current Blekko Slashtags

When you go to and you have a topic in mind, like the Grand Canyon. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Pictures of the Grand Canyon? In the search field type ‘grand canyon /images‘ – Wow, that was cool – what’s next?

How about videos of the Grand Canyon? In the search field type ‘grand canyon /videos‘  yea, that’s pretty much it! Let your imagination run wild, check some of these other blekko searches out:

grand canyon /travel

grand canyon/history

Do you have any other good blekko searches? Add them in the comments. In the next post we’re going to look at some of the native SEO options in blekko.