Google+ Local Review Issue in Internet Explorer 9

Everyone needs reviews for their business and Google has decided to merge Google Places into Google+ Local. Because this is very important for local and small businesses, we decided to have some instructions made for our clients. The only advice I can give is do not try this in Internet Explorer 9. One of the instructions asks you to use the search bar at the top of the page to find our business and as you can see from the screen shots below that the Google+ logo and the search bar is getting clipped in IE9. I did use the Google+ feedback system so we’ll see if it gets corrected. Love you Google, you’re awesome!


Google+ Local Search Bar Issue

Google+ Local in Google Chrome with Search Bar

Spotted: Google Search Results Feedback Pop-up

First time seeing this pop-up asking for feedback on the results: (I clicked ‘somewhat satisfied’ and Google thanked me for my feedback – forgot to screenshot, sorry!)

Does this mean Google is going to start crowd-sourcing their results? Are they waving the white flag and admitting they can’t get rid of spam and asking for every user’s opinion? Seems like this is a can of worms they should be wary of opening.